Cabelas, and why I’m a fan

If you’ve never shopped at Cabelas, you are missing out. Cabelas isn’t so much a shopping experience as it is an adventure mixed with a touch of shopping. It’s fun. But more than that, it is high quality.

Take tonight for example….

We are looking at upgrading and building our emergency supplies, and one of the things that we desperately need is sleeping bags. I spent an hour or so researching prices online at several stores before I settled on a set of four bags (one for each of us) at Cabelas. I placed the order and only then did I come across a fairly strong negative review which included several key issues in the bags, the most important being that the length of the bags is not nearly as advertised. At 6’4″, length is just not open for debate for me. And of course I discovered this after I placed the order. Sigh….

I hunted around the Cabelas site for a cancel order button, but I couldn’t find one. I was a little frustrated to think that my only option was to call. I hate calling because of hold times and oh-so-eager reps who are ready to help, but only after a circuitous process. Ugh.

But I called.

I was immensely surprised that I got a human being on the first ring. No computer, no foreign accent, and NO WAITING!!! But if that were all that happened, I would have been thrilled. Instead the customer service guy actually greeted me by name! How’s that for caller ID? It took exactly long enough for me to say, “I need to cancel an order,” for the guy to not only understand but actually complete the cancelation. No asking why, no pushing for another sale, nothing. And I didn’t even have to give him account information; it was all tied to my phone number which pulled all the information onto his screen when I called.

And then we were done. Total time for the call from hello to good-bye? 58 seconds, and I got exactly what I wanted with no trouble.

Oh could a good number of companies learn from that example.

And yes, I will be buying whatever bags we eventually settle on from Cabelas. You can be sure of that.

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3 Responses to Cabelas, and why I’m a fan

  1. Sarah L. says:

    This is great to know!

  2. Anthony says:

    Wow that is impressive!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Pretty much the same experience. I called 3pm on a Saturday afternoon (Pacific time) and was immediately answered by a very pleasant gentleman who cancelled my order within a minute. We then chatted pleasantly about shipping and billing for a minute or to. There are cheaper places than Cabela’s, but none better.

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