New Doors from Lowe’s

The house improvement continues! Now that Courtney and I are settled on the idea of staying in our home more permanently, we’ve embarked on a battle against the aging nature of our home. So much of what our home is is made up of poorly done or ancient upgrades that either need to be replaced or improved. One of my favorites? The doors.

Our back door is an original door with the house and a complete waste. It’s so old, rotted, and terrible. There are large gaps (1″ plus) at several places, and standing in front of it on a cold winter day is the perfect way to freeze to death. The front door, to match the back door for uselessness, is a hollow-core door. Yep. Hollow. It’s only slightly better than the back door.

We took advantage of Lowe’s Tax Refund Gift Card program (it adds 10% to the gift card) to pay for lots of home repair, and our most recent addition are two new steel doors. They look fantastic.

About my only complaint is a fairly nasty ding in the front door. I’ll be asking for a credit on that one.

We’re going to paint the trim the same brown as the trim on the house. The door itself will be a creamy almond color that will pull the yellow from the brick. It’s going to be awesome.

Last night, in a fit of happiness, we ran back to Lowe’s (NEVER Home Depot!) and bought new curtains for our front room. They are rich, silky, and very thick and heavy.

The more we do on the house, the more we love it. While we certainly would have been happy enough to have sold it, I’m not sad for what we’ve accomplished. And now that our focus has shifted to making it even better, more beautiful, and more comfortable, we’re infinitely happier with it all.

Next up: Gutters and the backyard fence!

Later this summer: Fire pit, a short fence in the front yard, and new vegetable garden area in the back.

After that, we’ll be ready for our bee hives next spring and a remodel of the mud room. I sometimes wonder if it ever ends….

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3 Responses to New Doors from Lowe’s

  1. aleisha says:

    it does look great! i can’t wait to have a look-see!

  2. marlajayne says:

    It’s looking good! Even from the outside, you can tell there’s a lot of love in that house…er, home.

  3. It already looks great!
    Can’t wait when you finally done all the work..

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