Expanding Hives

I spent the weekend working in the backyard, mostly pulling trees. We have so many weed trees back there, and they’ve got to go to make room for the fruit trees I want to put in. I always hate cutting down trees because (1) I love trees and they are great for the environment and (2) pulling stumps has got to be the world’s worst experience. Hate it.

But it must be done.

As the backyard comes together, I am getting more and more excited for our bees next spring. I spent a good four hours on Saturday watching beekeeping videos. At first I wanted to do two hives, but lately that number expands seemingly hourly. By noon on Saturday, I was at three hives. By 3:00 I was aiming for five hives. Now, I’m convinced I can get seven. I’m also debating whether or not to see if neighbors would take hives. Yeah… Going slightly overboard here. 🙂

I’ll be plenty happy no matter what comes that way. Watching those videos, however, is really building my confidence for really doing this and doing it well.

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