Kaboom! New Laptop

That’s one of those titles that doesn’t really need much of a follow up, does it?

The monitor has been on the fritz for several months now (since before Christmas). We had figured out how to make it work well enough for basic use, which is all we use it for now that we have the iPad. The “fix” involved putting a bit of pressure on a specific spot on the screen. We think there is a loose connection in there somewhere, but after several attempts to find it and taking apart the computer twice, I discovered the pressure point.

Seemed good enough for me.

Last night, though, as I was trying to find the point, which has become increasingly difficult to find, I heard a snap, and this big nasty break started to spread across the monitor. Everything that is either horizontal or vertically aligned with the break is gone. Black. Right now, you can see a narrow band across the very top of the monitor and the bottom-right quarter. That’s it. Just shy of completely useless.

Sigh…. We had hoped to save the money by not buying a new one, but what can you do? The thing is as dead as dead can be. Ah well… ’twas old and nearing the end of its life anyway.

Sadly, the other laptop we have that is a full seven years older is still working well enough. It is so old that I doubt it could handle most of today’s software, but still….

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2 Responses to Kaboom! New Laptop

  1. nosurfgirl says:

    So does courtney get one of them for her writing?

    I’m currently doing my stuff on a teeny, tiny little eee pc. And I love it. The keyboard isn’t too small for my fingers (though it’s a stretch for Jeff) and it has enough memory and hard drive for the microsoft products and for internet exploring. It’s also nigh on indestructable, with a sturdy casing. And it’s teeny enough to fit in a purse. And it cost under 200.

    Am I trying to sell you a laptop? yes indeedy I am. but not mine.

    Anyway, sorry to hear your computer broke. Right now, we have to take a hammer to our car every time we want to start it.

    Yes, we’re all crazy people.

  2. Anthony says:

    I second that! 😉

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