The Dregs

The book continues. It’s almost completely different than what I posted last time, although the foundation is still much the same.

I’ve tried to write a book before. I mean, I am a professional writer by trade, so I guess it was just a matter of time, right? I think you remember back to Semdeus even, if you’re a long time reader. No? Well that’s why I posted a link.

Part of me still deeply loves that story, but I loved it to death. It reminds me of my sis, Linsey…. She has always loved flowers and plants, and it was a common occurrence a few years back to get an e-mail from her telling about the latest plant she had killed. It took a few tries for me to figure out that she was over-watering them and giving them root rot. Loving to death…. And that’s what I did with Semdeus. I love that first chapter again and again and again until it was no longer functional as a book. I burned myself out over it.

And I still think it’s some of the finest writing I’ve ever done. I don’t know. You be the judge.

This time, I’m just getting the story down and not really worrying about quality. I’ll go back afterward and polish it to a diamond finish, but for now the story is speaking to me in a way that has never happened before. I’ve written a grand total of about nine hours now, and I’m at 20,000 words and 66 typed pages. That’s a little more than 2,000 words an hour and seven pages an hour. Incredible output even for what it is. And the characters are actually talking and speaking in ways I never thought possible.

I’m hoping to have a rough draft for when NSG and her family visits us in April. She has written half-a-dozen novels (unpublished but only a matter of time I’m sure), and their advice will be invaluable for figuring out the story and where to go. How to polish it. Finish it.

Hopes? I don’t know…. I heard recently that 81% of adult Americans have a book in some form of development. What “form of development” means is beyond me. I don’t necessarily mind being part of a group of 81%. It’s not normally my thing to follow the crowd like that, but the book is there. I guess my hope, then, is that what I write and produce will actually go somewhere. If 81% really do have a book in some stage of development, maybe I can be the one in a million, literally, who actually does more than just write a book.

I’ve been published before, of course, but mostly only technical materials and publications I wrote for an assignment or contract. Never anything that actually came from within me. With children, we make ourselves, in part, immortal.

My hope? I wouldn’t mind being immortal in the language and words I love so dearly.

How’s that for a dream?

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2 Responses to The Dregs

  1. nosurfgirl says:

    Oh boy. 81%, really?



    now I feel depressed.

    No, not really. I guess that’s the point of doing something you love, isn’t it? YOU love it. So who cares if everybody else does, too? Consider Harry Potter. You and I both know our lives would be sorely lacking if we hadn’t decided, in the end, to jump on that train.

    I’m very excited to read it.

    I still need to write carla.

    Gosh, Dave, I feel so cut off from the world right now. You guys still exist, right? You and Courtney weren’t my imaginary friends? (yes, that is a hopelessly narcisisstic thing to wonder.)


  2. daveloveless says:

    I was kind of incredulous at that 81% figure to tell the truth. I can only assume that it includes anyone even thinking about a book.

    I think there is a very real difference between someone like you and the others, though. I mean you actually have written several books. Published or not, you are farther along than most.

    And I know what you mean. We sorely miss you guys as well. Seriously. It just isn’t quite the same without you guys around.

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