Just when we start to dream….

I’ll admit it. I’m a BYU sports junkie.

The joke I always tell people is that my productivity in life is a direct inverse correlation to the BYU’s current national ranking in whatever sport is being played at the time. When BYU goes up, my interest in the rest of life goes down. Needless to say, since Monday, I have been largely useless and dead to the world.

And then it always happens….

Last year, I was so excited for BYU football to start when the school announced that star running back Harvey Unga had been suspended for Honor Code violations. He made a valiant attempt to come back, but in the end, he couldn’t. And last night, BYU announced that starting center Brandon Davies has been dismissed for Honor Code violations….

Until then, I had high hopes of a strong Final Four run or even more. Now… maybe the Sweet Sixteen. Maybe not. It’s really hard to pull a starter this late in the season and recover, especially one as good and needed as Davies.

But that is not the point of all this.

Despite the doom and gloom hanging over Provo this morning with the loss of Davies and, quite possibly, the loss of our dream season, most people are still really positive and most still have their heads held high. Regardless of whether you like BYU or even the Church, the breath of fresh air in regards to character, morality, and standards is certainly refreshing and uplifting. It’s nice to see that while so many people are still trying to cheat their way to the top, BYU places such emphasis on just being good people.

To be fair, most people don’t seem to get that. Most schools don’t seem to get that. Only a small handful of schools would even consider doing something like this, and that number probably dwindles when put in light of the dream season. BYU? No. Standards matter more than championships (or the potential for them).

I think Unga learned valuable lessons when he was dismissed from the team, and he really did do everything he could to be better even though he didn’t play another down for the Cougars. Despite his error, I admire and respect him more for the behavior he displayed afterward. Davies has the same chance here, and I wish him the best.

As for BYU, the fan in me is depressed. The dream season is closing much earlier than I hoped (though BYU could still do a lot, and I’m ever the optimist). Me the person, however, is glad to see BYU take the correct stand on its principles. If nothing else, I can certainly applaud that.

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