Phantom of the Opera, Homestyled!

Courtney and I have always been quite fond of PotO, although we both much prefer vastly different casts. She prefers the original London cast, and I can’t stand Sarah Brightman. That and I am not as fond of classically trained voices, so… Film cast for me.

Anyway, on any given day, you’ll catch us listening to the soundtracks, and our kids have grown quite fond of the music as well. Katherine even sings along, butchering most of the words along the way. Only recently, however, has Myron joined in. Whenever Christine launches into one of her solos, both Myron and Katherine run all over the house howling the tune as best they can. Courtney and I, for our part, cover our ears lest they bleed.

At least they like to sing, right?

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One Response to Phantom of the Opera, Homestyled!

  1. Sarah L. says:

    Hahahahahahaha!!! I would love to see this on video.

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