End of Credit Cards!

Confession Time! All these years that I’ve been actively campaigning against credit cards, I still have one. I actually do. I haven’t used it in three years (yep, we are on year three of never using a credit card), but I also never canceled it.

To be perfectly fair, I couldn’t use it anyway. See… I even cut it up. I just never  got around to canceling it. So what to my surprise when I get a letter in the mail this week from Citibank announcing that “due to inactivity, we regret to inform you that we are going to cancel your card.” They were even kind enough to point out that no measure of activity at this point would save the credit card, and that I would need to open a new account in order to continue my relationship with Citibank.

I think I’ll pass.

I don’t know why I never canceled that card. I think a part of me is still holding on to the (false) security of the card. The idea that (false) help was just a swipe away. Oh well… I suppose I’ll get over that soon enough.

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