Growing Excitement

We started our second round of work on the house recently. Maybe that is why I haven’t blogged in awhile…. Truth be told, I haven’t blogged because those rebuttal reviews took a lot out of me. Such it is.

But we’ve already done a lot. We bought and built a futon last week (not really a repair, but still much needed), and we also finished winterizing downstairs. For extra kicks and giggles, we even finished off our emergency fund. It’s especially nice knowing that we have that in the background should we need it. And may we never need it.

We still have never gone a full calendar year without a $4,000 emergency of some kind. And we’ve seen them all from roof repairs to new furnace and water heater to Myron’s eye surgery to unemployment…. We’ve made it one month, so we are hopeful even if it is foolish and vain at this point. I’ve noticed that Myron’s eye might be drifting a bit again, which could mean another surgery. I guess we will see.

Last night I watched a good two hours of instructional videos on beekeeping. I wish we were ready to do the bees this year, but we’re just not. I certainly could be ready, but our property couldn’t. I suppose that is okay, but I am eager to get started.

One thing that impressed me most deeply about the videos I watched last night is how amazing bees are. I’ve always been fascinated by them, but watching these videos and really exploring the hive and animals was incredible to me. What surprised me the most I think is that the majority of the beekeepers wore very little protection during many of their tasks, especially hiving new bees. The thought hit me that they were stupid, but that changed quickly to a belief that they merely understood better than I. I suppose anything looks impossible, dangerous, stupid, foolhardy, or what not if you lack the experience and knowledge.

As we embark on these exciting phases of our lives with all the house repair, children growing older, bees, callings, and so much more, I think that thought is relevant: much of what we fear, much of what scares us and worries us comes from our lack of understanding and our lack of familiarity with the majesty of what is around us. Like working with bees without protective gear at first seemed foolhardy to me, so too has the Plan of Salvation, the individual promptings we feel in our lives each day, and so many other things. It is at least partly for this reason that the Lord asks us to study His word and live in a way that allows for access to the spirit.

Only in this way can we ever recognize and allow that understanding to work in our lives to our good. And especially only then can our trust grow in such a way as to allow the excitement for what is to come to truly grow.

There is much good in the world today. When was the last time you saw it?

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