Late to the Party: Pandora

I am always so late to the technological party, so is it any wonder that I’m just now discovering Pandora?

Courtney pulled of the conspiracy of the year for Christmas this year. She went behind the scenes to convince a bunch of people to contribute to the purchase of an iPad, which she then had her father buy so that I wouldn’t discover it on the financial records. I love it, and it’s quite the useful gadget. As is normal, I spent the first day putting stuff on it and exploring, and my only complaint was that I didn’t have the room to pull over my music. I just didn’t, and I frankly didn’t want to do that yet again…. I really am excited for iTunes to go to the cloud (if it ever happens) because I get very tired of rebuilding my playlists and library with each job change or new computer. That was more of an issue when I was free lancing, but still….

Anyway, while I was browsing the app store for free apps (I have trouble with the concept of paying up to $15 for an app I won’t really use), I ran across Pandora. Why not, right? Sigh… the real question isn’t why not but why haven’t I until now?

I’m totally hooked. I love the breadth of music selection, the unfamiliar versions of beloved classics, and the consistency of top-quality choices of songs. I also really like the ability to like and dislike songs, which refines my customized stations just for me. Love it. I also really like that most of the ads I see are on screen, and the few that actually come on the air are short and done.

About my only complaints are that I can’t go back through previously played songs to mark them as like or dislike.* I also wish I could rewind a song, see what was coming, and skip more than just a handful. I get why I can’t, but I wish I could.

If you, like me, have been living under a technological rock for the last decade, give Pandora a try. You won’t be disappointed.

*I just discovered that this complaint applies only to the iPad app. The online version of Pandora does let you go back and mark songs Like or Dislike.

I also get to add one more complaint…. I have a radio station called Mormon Tabernacle Choir that I added for Sunday music. I have not heard MoTab in at least eight hours (going into yesterday), and the music is predominately piano instrumentals. While I simply adore piano instrumentals, I did set up this radio station for the MoTab.

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