Taking on us the name of Christ

Yesterday during Church, we had a discussion on living a more consecrated life based on Elder Christoffersen’s marvelous talk from the most recent  General Conference. One comment from the lesson has really stuck with me, and that is the idea of taking on ourselves the name of Christ. According to the teacher, one meaning of the phrase “taking on the name” is that we assume the attributes of, become as though, act in the manner of. So, when we talk about taking on the name of Christ, one of the potential meanings is that we are really saying, “assuming the attributes of Christ, becoming as though we were Christ, or acting in the manner of Christ.”

I like this, and it rings true for me.

It adds meaning for our prayers when we close in the name of Christ. In the manner of Christ. With the attributes of Christ. As though we were Christ.

Our teacher pointed out that praying (or doing anything) in the name of Christ also implies that we do those things as He would. Courtney and I talked about how this would change our attitudes and actions in regards to so much in our lives. How different would we be if our prayers truly were offered as He would offer them and then acted upon as He would act on them. Many times I pray as President Hinckley described: placing an order with the grocery store and then hanging up. But how different would our prayers (and anything else to which this principle applies) be if instead of placing our order, we prayed as Christ would pray, listened as Christ would listen, and then worked as Christ would work?

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