The Loss of a Friend: Provo Tabernacle Fire

We lost the Tabernacle this morning. This photo, posted by, shows it shortly after the roof collapsed around 6:00 AM. As of right now, no word on what happened, though my guess is probably electrical. The fire department is declaring it a total loss.

This building has long been one of my most favorite in all of Provo, if not the state. We held our bi-annual stake conference there, and Katherine especially had a fond feeling for this church. She often asked if she could go see it, and she still points it out every time we drive by.

I drive past it on my way to work, and this morning I stopped, got out, and watched the smoldering (and still burning with visible flames) building. It’s hard to believe and accept that it’s gone.

Lots of memories….

NOTE: has a long article on the fire on their main page. You can find videos and pictures of the fire there.

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3 Responses to The Loss of a Friend: Provo Tabernacle Fire

  1. nosurfgirl says:

    very heartachy over this. Got a bit tearful as we drove past it today… that giant plume of smoke, is, in my opinion, the insence of pioneer sacrifice and the spirit of historic provo ascending to heaven.

  2. aleisha says:

    i find it so interesting how attached we get to things, and how losing something as beautiful as this building feels personal:(

  3. We found a ward member out there with her teenage daughter just on the brink of complete emotional breakdown. We gave her a hug and stood with her for a while.

    There is ash and soot within a several block radius from the Tabernacle.

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