Guest Posts!

I’ve been plotting this for several months now, and I’ve finally come around to actually doing something about it! I’ve got the first guest post lined up for some time in the coming week, and that both makes me excited and nervous: Excited for the opportunity to see other voices and view points and nervous because I’ve promised return posts and my mind is blank!

If you’re interested in joining in (I’ve already got you down Laura G), please comment to this post. Here are my simple rules:

  1. The topic can be anything you want as long as it is not foul, dirty, or otherwise inappropriate. My audience is fairly religious, and I invite you to keep that in mind.
  2. If accepted (and it will be provided you obey the first rule), I will post your piece unedited and properly attributed to you (or your blog).
  3. In return for your post, I will offer to guest post on your blog (if you want). I would ask that that post be linked here.

Like I said, pretty simple. For ease (and security), I’m thinking that guest posts will be exchanged by e-mail. I’d rather not give anyone else authoring rights to this blog, so that seems the easiest way to do it.

Thanks, and happy posting!

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6 Responses to Guest Posts!

  1. Sarah L. says:

    I guess that leaves out my posts about teaching my kids about the birds and bees, huh? 😉

    I bet I could come up with something appropriate. It would be fun to have you guest post, but with my blog being private, it might be less than thrilling for you.

  2. nosurfgirl says:

    I would LOVE to do two guest posts if you let me. Or you can choose between them.

    1) Mormon culture and politics

    2) Mormon culture and beards.

  3. daveloveless says:

    Sarah L–I’ll guest post if you want me to, private blog or not. It’d be fun.

    NSG–I’ll take you up on both offers. Just let me know when you are ready.

  4. daveloveless says:

    Sarah L–I’d actually really like a birds and the bees posts on how parents might effectively teach their children. I think most of us are really scared of doing that, and it’d be nice to have some guidance.

  5. Sarah L. says:

    Sure thing! Fun! I’d be delighted to have you guest post.

  6. nosurfgirl says:

    the beard one is completely crank-out-able… it would actually be a revival of an old post on a, now dead, group blog I was a part of awhile ago. I could do it whenever. Just have to go find the images again 😦 Shouldn’t be too hard. Maybe sometime over Christmas break.

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