Surely you can’t be serious!?! I am serious… and don’t call me Shirley

Leslie Neilsen died. And while I’m sure I’m not a major news source or even privileged enough to able to say that I’m even anywhere near breaking the story on this, I am sad.

I really like Leslie Neilsen.

There really was something magical about his dead pan, his wittiness (or lack thereof), and that blank stare that just told you that he knew something you didn’t know and whatever it was, he thought it was funny. I’m almost embarrassed to say that he is almost my perfect style of humor. Then again maybe I’m not….

It only seems appropriate at this moment to watch Airplane or at least one of the Naked Guns. It’d only be fitting, and I’m sure he’d be happier with his memory preserved in laughter.

God speed, old friend, and when life serves you a choice of Steak or Fish, choose the Lasagna.

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