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Oh, Christmas Tree! Oh, Christmas Tree!!!

I am deserving of praise. A host of praise. A plethora of beautiful, heart-felt, happy praise. For the first time in my life, I actually waited until after Thanksgiving to put up the Christmas Tree. And it was even my … Continue reading

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Surely you can’t be serious!?! I am serious… and don’t call me Shirley

Leslie Neilsen died. And while I’m sure I’m not a major news source or even privileged enough to able to say that I’m even anywhere near breaking the story on this, I am sad. I really like Leslie Neilsen. There … Continue reading

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As you all probably know, Courtney is allergic to sugar. This allergy came about shortly after her last pregnancy, and now, approaching the end of two years of a sugar free life, Courtney has a long list of favorite foods … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving, and DRIVE SAFE!!!

It’s totally just me, but I always start to worry about everyone around this time of year. It seems that every year someone I know and love dies over the Thanksgiving weekend trying to rush back in time for class … Continue reading

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Words of Wisdom–Writing

[Sitting in church, Katherine beside me writing on a piece of paper.] Me: Katherine, what are you writing? Katherine: I don’t know, I haven’t finished writing it yet. … Apparently “free-style” writing is alive and well.

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Thoughts on Same-gender Attraction

NoSurfGirl–I admit this is for you. It didn’t start that way, but since we so often talk about it… well, we kind of dance around it anyway…. I’ve really struggled for a long time to adequately organize my thoughts on … Continue reading

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Honorable Veteran’s Day

My dad’s a veteran. So is my wife. And I’m not sure if there is anything I’m more proud of about either of them. I’m a sucker when it comes for the military, veterans, policemen, firemen, and so on. A … Continue reading

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