And what a few weeks they have been….

It isn’t all that often that I hit a stretch of weeks like the last few have been. Early this month, I woke up realizing that I was down to less than three weeks on my online class (three lessons and a Final yet to go), had Katherine’s birthday coming, had a big project in my other class, and a host of projects at work to do. In an extremely ironic set of circumstances, everything except for the work projects were all due or happening on the 21st, Katherine’s birthday.

Oh what a month it has been.

But I’m pleased to say that I finished the online class yesterday (Final to be done early November), finished all the work assignments, finished the projects in my other class, and even managed to find time to go to an important “dog-related” meeting (that’ll have to be in another post after it happens) tonight. And of course, getting ready for Katherine’s birthday. I fell… rejuvenated? Alive? Good in any case. That was a lot of work, and it was nice to get it done. Add in to it that I somehow lost 9 pounds during the entire experience. Who knows how that happened, but it adds credence to my theory that I can lose weight by thinking about it. 🙂

Courtney gets really annoyed at that.

But I’m really excited for Katherine’s birthday. I love that kid so much, and her birthday is one time that I don’t feel guilty about spoiling her and treating her like the queen she really is. As is our tradition, we used most of our birthday budget buying her nice clothes and allowed the grandparents the privilege of doing the toys. This year, I went and found two really beautiful church dresses for her. They both remind of the Spring-like sunshine she brings into my life. They are country patterned (one light blue and the other soft pink), and and I can see the happiness of the world and the giddiness of childhood laughter in the folds and pleats. They’re beautiful, and they’ll only accentuate the wonder that is my daughter.

Having battled now through arguably the busiest three weeks of the last few years, I’m thrilled to end it with a celebration of all that Katherine is, the happiness I find in her life, and the joy I see in my family.

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5 Responses to And what a few weeks they have been….

  1. Sarah L. says:

    Happy Birthday, Katherine! (belatedly)

    • daveloveless says:

      For some reason, this got logged to my spam. I’ll have to double-check and make sure your comments don’t head that way in the future. Oh, and you’re actually early. 🙂

  2. nosurfgirl says:

    It’s true. We have uphill moments and then resting moments when the adrenaline seems to still be pumping for no reason… and then slowly things get normal again.

    Yeah, BOTH our families have had some strange, stressful times lately. Let’s celebrate.

    With chocolate.

    Possibly sugarless chocolate (does courtney have a brownie recipe that uses honey?)

  3. daveloveless says:

    Actually, we’ve found that if you make a home-made chocolate cake with honey instead of sugar, the honey adds just enough moisture and weight to it that the cake ends up coming out more brownie like than cake like. It’s not a perfect substitute, but it is extremely delicious.

  4. nosurfgirl says:

    OK, send me the recipe and I”ll make it (and save you two the headache of planning something ELSE on that day. ) 🙂

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