A game of last one standing?

And then there was only me….

It’s been an interesting week of watching people all around us getting sick. First, NSG and her family, then my brother’s family, then people all over our ward and neighborhood. Add in coworkers. And of course, the slow progression of the bug among my own family.

It seems to have an odd incubation period of around three days. Katherine got it Saturday, Myron Tuesday, Courtney today…. Does that mean me on Sunday or Monday? I sure hope not.

Fortunately, it seems to be very mild on the kids (about a 6-hour course at most) and a little less so on adults (Courtney said it feels like she has the flu). I suppose it’s only fair that I take my turn, but please… I’d like off this ride, especially since I have to teach on Sunday.

Then again… maybe I’m the carrier. 🙂 Just call me Typhoid Dave.

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