Kissing pavement

It’s a horrible title, but I couldn’t think of what else to call it. I mean, it is what happened….

Katherine was on her way to school Thursday morning. It was a little cool, so she had her jacket on with her hands deep in her pockets. As usual, she was dragging her feet, and she managed to catch a foot on something and… Splat!

It honestly looks like she was in a car accident. Her whole face is scratched up and bloody, her lip is split, she had a bloody nose, her forehead is skinned, both knees are skinned, and I’m sure she’s covered in bruises everywhere else. About the only thing that could possibly be good about this is that she had her school pictures taken just two days earlier.

I’ve got pictures of course, but she’s embarrassed enough right now that I wouldn’t dare. Maybe in a week or two when the scratches and cuts start to heel.

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