Movie Review: Prince of Persia

So not related to the movie at all, but the previews to the movie showed the trailer to Tron. I just about had to change my shirt from all the drool. Courtney, of course, had no idea why I was so excited and claimed that it must be a guy thing. I proved her wrong by doing an informal survey at work. Of the five I asked, all I had to do was say “Tron” to elicit a near-unstoppable stream of  excitement, giddiness, and other forms of happiness.

Of course all five of them were also guys….

I already have the “guys night out” planned to go see it. NSG–Can I borrow your husband for that as well? Just don’t say “Tron,” or you’ll have to have him change his shirt.

On to the review…

The Good

Courtney compared it to the Mummy in terms of brainlessness, and that’s not the negative it seems at first. Every now and then, we both enjoy movies that don’t require a lot of brain power, and this certainly qualifies. Like most games-into-movies films, the plot was mediocre at best with the primary driver seeing those favorite parts of the game come to life. PofP does that well.

The action is fun, not necessarily gratuitous, and paced well enough. Again, it’s no instant classic, but everyone who expected it to be so, please raise your hand. That’s what I thought.

The Bad

Courtney stated, as with Tron, that this must be a guy thing because I liked it much more than she did. I think the problem is that I have played the original game from, what…, 20 years ago? She hadn’t. And I think that does help a lot.

She stated that it seemed more like a gymnastics display, and I can see that interpretation if you hadn’t played the game.

My only other complaint is that the characters just never felt right, know what I mean? Jim Carrey as Count Olaf in Lemon Snickets Series of Unfortunate Events is right. Alan Rickman as Snape is right. Generally, I think casting is done well enough, but I never quite liked the characters in their assigned roles, and it ate at me through the film.


No language that I remember. No sex either. It has a good deal of violence though the majority is bloodless and pretty typical. It’s not something you’d want to keep the kids up to watch, but not too bad. I think a fair comparison would be that it is fairly similar to the third Pirates of the Caribbean. Not entirely accurate, but close enough for rating purposes.

I’d give it a simple 2 out of 4 stars. Okay for a Friday night if there is nothing better on, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to see it.

Now Tron…. 🙂

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3 Responses to Movie Review: Prince of Persia

  1. nosurfgirl says:

    *could you make it a Thursday Night?*

    If not I SUPPOSE I could lend my husband to you on a non-night out night. I suppose I could retract my claws a bit and allow him to escape… to run free as the wind… as free as the grass grows… but when he comes home his shirt better not be all spitty. Just sayin.

  2. daveloveless says:

    Thursday is a possibility, but I make absolutely NO guarantees about the quantity of drool on his shirt. That would depend on him. 🙂

    If you are really worried, you could always send him with a shirt he could change into on the way home….

  3. nosurfgirl says:

    I have to admit, that tron preview looked pretty awseome. And digital. With really cool sound effects.

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