Katherine-isms: Killing the bad guys

Yesterday we went to the doctor for Myron’s eye (everything is still looking good, by the way). On the way, we drove past the local military installation. Katherine is enamored with the military, and as a military brat myself, I do my best to instill that great sense of pride and patriotism in the military.

One thing Katherine caught on to immediately is that the military helps keep us safe from the bad guys, so as we drove by the base, Katherine calmly explained the following:

“When the soldiers are driving a car and they see a bad guy, they stop the car, get out, and then start to kill the bad guys.”

This was delivered in a perfect deadpan.

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2 Responses to Katherine-isms: Killing the bad guys

  1. nosurfgirl says:

    They only START? They don’t FINISH???

    How terribly, terribly cruel.

  2. aleisha says:

    awesome! so glad you record these for her–she’ll have plenty of fodder for her futures talks!

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