Honey in the Well and the Funk of Posting

So how do I say this….

It has been really hard to post lately. I think it has as much to do with the extreme busyness of life lately as anything else, but I have had almost no desire to post anything for several weeks. I’ve forced a couple things through, and I keep hoping it lifts, but…. To be clear, I’m not calling an end to the blog. I don’t know that I’ll ever “end it.” At the same time, though, it’s been a very slow time here. Just sayin’.

On another note, I did a very interesting project this past weekend. Our tenants have been noticing several bees coming in to the apartment downstairs, and on further investigation, I found a spot where it looks like some bees have been starting a colony. I did some brief research, and it looks like they may be carpenter bees, and they set up shop in a window well. Some of them have found a crack that leads into the apartment downstairs, and they get in every now and then.

For a wannabe apiarist, it was quite the dichotomy to be poisoning and sealing the hive, and I can’t tell you how fascinating I found the entire project. The thing I found most intriguing is that the bees themselves are wildly non-aggressive. The males (drones) don’t sting at all and the female will only sting, according to the source I read, if seriously provoked (i.e., actually physically handled). And what an incredibly beautiful bee. These are the classic mega-sized bees. You know, the ones that sound like a large chopper coming in low over the jungle. Thick, full bodies with incredible coloring, too. And each of the drones had full pollen sacks on their legs. Truly remarkable creatures, and a pity that they had to be killed.

And of course, at the end, I just had to wonder if I would find honey in the window well. I think there may have been some borrowing (they are carpenter bees after all), though I don’t know if they produce honey. What a find that would be!

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One Response to Honey in the Well and the Funk of Posting

  1. Sarah L. says:

    I think your lack of desire to post is because you miss us so very much. 😉 And can I have some honey if you find it?

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