Here… and not here

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I wish I had a good reason but I don’t. Well, unless you count being hyper-busy as a reason….

In the last week, I’ve:

  • Taken the mid-term for my course. I’ve only been doing that class for a year (groan), so I figured it was time. I did as well as could be expected and the possibility of an A in the class is still very real. Yay for that.
  • Went out of town for a family reunion. It was fun, but miserably hot. We were planning on staying two nights, but we ended up only staying for one. The heat drove us away, but our tent also broke. Katherine and Myron both did marvelously well, although we did have a scary moment where Myron wandered away from camp in the 10 seconds when we weren’t looking. Fortunately Courtney saw the little feet stroll by the bathroom…. Very scary.
  • Celebrated internally (and mightily) for some great news from a friend. Well, great news is somewhat selfish, but still…. Great news. See, he and his family might have been moving away because of a job, but it fell through. While I’m sad for that, I’m thrilled beyond measure that they are staying. Isn’t it nice to be loved? 🙂
  • Continued working on the house. Every day I’m finding something new to do. Something to clean just a bit more. Something to adjust just a bit more. Something to renew just a bit more.
    We were talking about it last night and pondering plan Bs, and I think we came up with a wonderful plan for remodeling the house if we don’t sell. We’ve never been able to figure out how to remodel the house in that event, but I think we have. Finally. And it was so simple and staring us in the face all along.
    I was talking with another friend about how confused we were by the prompting to paint the house and get it ready to sell if we weren’t going to sell, and he suggested that maybe the people who needed to “buy” the home already lived in it. It rings true in its own sort of way, especially since after it was painted, I couldn’t help but truly falling in love with the house again.
    Anyway… We’re going to have an architect friend (who is also an incredible organist by the way and one of the reasons we like our ward so much) and a general contractor friend come and look at the house and give us some bids on what it would cost. If we could do it for cheap enough, we’ll go that route (assuming we don’t sell). The big thing about our current remodeling plans is that we could do it without leaving the house. That’s huge for us. HUGE.
  • Back to my list of things that we’ve done in the last week… Well, too much more to list.

Life is busy, life is full, life is fun. We went up to the temple on Monday for FHE and watched the storms roll in across the lake. So quietly peaceful and incredible. I was notably touched by the thought that while the temple itself is open only to those who are worthy, the grounds are open to all as a place of refuge. Our temple is fast becoming a favorite of mine because of the grounds. The open spaces with the enormous flower beds. The sloping lawn with the expansive view of the entire valley. The fountains that catch the evening sunlight just so….

The church recently announced that the Ogden temple (our sister temple in design) is going to be completely redesigned externally. While I love the changes they’ve announced for that temple, I hope they never change my temple. The symbolism of my temple (cloud by day, pillar of fire by night) is so meaningful, and important, for me.

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2 Responses to Here… and not here

  1. nosurfgirl says:

    What’s all this mushy stuff, dave?

    OK I’ll admit it’s nice to be loved.

    And I’ll admit you guys were a huge piece of why we’re relieved to be staying here. It’s hard to find good friends you feel comfortable hanging out with EVERY WEEKEND. I think adults need a lot more socializing than they realize.

  2. daveloveless says:

    It’s so true. Courtney and I often talk about how unusual it is to be able to hang out with people often without driving each other crazy. Outside of you guys, I can only name one other couple that we’ve been that close to (Hi Joe and Lora!!!).

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