Vuvuzelas and the World Cup

I’m a World Cup junky, and that is probably only because I happened to serve my mission in Brazil during the ’98 Cup. We were allowed to watch a single game that World Cup, and it just happened to be Holland vs. Brazil, which is still one of the best games I’ve ever seen.Very little has, or could, come close to that.

Now that it’s day two and now that I’ve watched several games (Way to go USA and Dempsey on the draw vs England!), I can finally render an opinion on the vuvuzelas. For those out of the know, the vuvuzelas are the plastic horns the South Africans blow during the games. They sound, quite simply, like someone has tortured a bull moose just nigh unto death and instead of finishing it off, they just leave it in bellowing pain. When you get them in large groups, it’s akin to parking a 747 in center field both in volume and quality of sound.

In short, I initially found them entertaining, exciting, and uniquely flavorful of the host country. Right now? I’m done. Done. DONE. D. O. N. E.

I miss the chants, the singing, the drums. I miss the spontaneous bursting of 90,000 voices into song. Like our own version of the wave, everyone just seems to know when to sing, what to sing, and how loud to sing. With the vuvuzelas, they are just on. Constantly. Like the angry buzzing of bees.

But given the choice…. I’d rather face a million vuvuzelas than miss a game. 😉

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