Movie Review: Alice in Wonderland

I should preface this by saying that Courtney and I are not Tim Burton fans. The only film of his that we have ever enjoyed, and we enjoyed it immensely, was Big Fish. So it was with mild trepidation that we embarked on this one.

The Good

I honestly loved the beginning. It was so fun to watch the characters and the mingling and the interaction. I simply adored Hamish and, as I often do when seeing this period movies about old England, wonder how on earth that nation ever ruled most of the world. So stuffy, so proper, so formal….

But all happiness pretty much ended once Alice went down the rabbit hole. So without further ado….

The Bad

I know I’m in the minority, but it just didn’t work. Sure, some of it was fun and made us smile/laugh/pay attention, but overall? No. I think the first big turn off was seeing that mouse stab and then yank out the Bandershoot’s eye. [shudder]

While I enjoyed the red queen, she wasn’t enough to save the movie in general (again, I recognize I’m fairly strongly biased against Tim Burton), though I did laugh out loud when she said, “I need a pig here.”

I think my biggest complaint was the ending. Watch it again if you have it and pay close attention to the scoring of that battle with the Jabberwocky (which was cool, by the way, until the moment that it spoke). The music builds and builds and builds and instead of climaxing with Alice’s victory, it just stops. It fades. It dies. It leaves you emotionally hollowed. Thrown up against the edge where, instead of the dramatic rescue, your emotions simply step away from the edge.

One more and I’ll be done: Courtney and I were both supremely annoyed that Captain Jack Sparrow showed up in the movie. It wasn’t him, you say? Yes it was. Entirely. Go back and watch it. The parts were Johnny Depp does best, he is basically mimicking his Sparrow role from the Pirates films. However, I think if he ever does a recording of himself reading the Jabberwock, I’d certainly be very interested in it.


I’m certainly not the person to be recommending (or not) a Tim Burton movie. Like I said, I have only ever liked one of his films. He’s just too strange, too weird, too abnormal for me. And yes, while this is the highly drug-tripping Alice in Wonderland, Burton makes it even more drug-tripping.

So no. If you like it, good, but Courtney and I would likely agree on a single star out of four. That probably means this is the ideal movie for the Tim Burton fans out there. 🙂

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