A place to die!!!

First, Mother’s Day was wonderful. Truly. Probably one of the more uplifting sacrament meetings I’ve ever attended.

Second, Courtney and I were sustained for our new callings (Ward Activities Committee Chairs). I’m thrilled, Courtney less so. She’s just not the social butterfly I am, but we’ll make a great team.

And finally, in one of the funnier moments in recent memory, Katherine broke one of her princess dolls. Tore the head clean off. She came up to me with the head in one hand and the body in the other and very seriously stated, “Daddy, I need a place for my to doll to go and die!”


We “buried” her on the kitchen counter and later that evening, I quietly threw her away.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

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2 Responses to A place to die!!!

  1. Sarah L. says:

    Hope you have fun with your calling! Hilarious about the doll.

  2. aleisha says:

    i just love her pragmatic approach to death, so refreshing! smile, smile smile

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