Movie Review: Avatar

Once more, I’m sooooo far behind the times. 🙂

The Good

The special effects are amazing, and it was very easy for me to feel like that world was entirely real. I enjoyed that immensely.

Sigourney Weaver is fun as well. I always get a kick that she seems to be type cast as a space babe. Her best role in that type was in the film Galaxy Quest, but this was equally enjoyable. There was something nice and truly expected about seeing her pop up on screen.

The Bad

Uh… James Cameron? I’m of two minds on this one. On one hand, his vision is what created this world that is so interesting and incredible to watch. On the other hand, his vision was the stilted mind that came up with a weak plot, cheap deliveries, and utterly predictable story lines. I just have to wonder what the film would have been like with Peter Jackson at the helm.

There is some language as well, and it runs a little long. Okay, it’s 2.5 hours, but it feels like 3 or 4.


Courtney did not really care for it. I enjoyed it. If we averaged our ratings, we’d probably end up with 2.5 stars, and that seems fair.

Note: I’d do a more indepth review, but since everyone and their dog has already seen it….

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4 Responses to Movie Review: Avatar

  1. Sarah L. says:

    I started to watch it, but was very turned off by the GD language. I can handle most profanity, but that one I can’t. Matt said the movie was like Dances with Wolves.

  2. daveloveless says:

    It really was. It was a blue Dances with Wolves. I’ve also heard it compared with Pocahontas.

  3. Travis says:

    With a bit of Ferngully added in. Along with Star Wars where Han takes out Vader and comes back to help Luke.
    I actually really disliked this film.
    1- I felt there was very little character development. Jake only has the sense of being able to use his legs in the first scene when he connects to his avatar, yet the fact that he still wants to have an operation when he gets back to Earth is a major plot point still. He is allowed into the community because she knows he is “different than the others”. Huh? None of the character arcs worked for me because they were too all over the map.
    2- The world made no sense even after Cameron states that it is “all possible and based on science” What part of science has Jim been studying when he created floating mountains with a waterfall supply of water that never runs out? He has stated that the amount of unobtainium in the mountains make them able to float- so why not mine the unobtainium from the floating mountains?
    3- The whole plot makes no sense- the company needs unobtaium from under home tree, so that’s why they want the Navi to move- yet, when they don’t, the military blows up home tree and brings it to the ground, thus making their objective much more difficult.
    4- The Navi connect to nature through their “tail USB ports”. So why is sex just like human sex?

    I could go on, but, since this isnt my blog….
    The part that I don’t get is where many people who hate the Transformer movies (I am one of those as well) loved Avatar-whereas I find them both to be abhorant scripts, but somehow Avatar gets a pass because “the world looks cool”?
    There is no way in which I understand the Avatar phenomenon.

  4. nosurfgirl says:

    It’s all about the fantasy, folks. Honestly, it is. And when you think about the typical fantasy movies, only a couple stand above the usual standard (little plot, weak characters, and poor script-writing). Those movies are based on books that have appeal to more than just the fantasy-geek audience: books like Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings. Think about it–aren’t most fantasy movies like that?

    Avatar is an interesting movie to me because it is a mix of science fiction and fantasy. It’s almost like the two are pitted against each other–think of the scene where the robot fights with the giant teridactyl with the lion-african native riding it.

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