What a week!

I wish I could say that this last week has been smooth, but man… No. The good news is that Myron is doing really well. It looks like his eyes are fine right now, but we won’t know for sure until late next week and maybe not even then. It’s kind of hard to tell right now as well since his eye is still a bit swollen. Courtney says that she has noticed that his peripheral vision is better in that eye, which means the brain is paying attention to it, but we’ll see. I’m still quite confident.

And the rest of the week all goes down hill from there. 🙂

We’re still trying to finish our paint job on the house. Our dear contractor has been a complete melt down this last week, and I honestly can’t say that it’s really worth describing here. It’d take an hour, and I’d end up frustrated. Let’s just say that the project is overdue by almost two weeks and that I’m ready to be done with it and all the surrounding drama. Some day I might sit down and describe what has happened in a more private post, but certainly not today. And I might even laugh about it all… some day.

But that conflict with the stress of house showings (we’ve had three) and canceled showings (we’ve had one that has scheduled and canceled, scheduled and canceled), I’m about beat. Sleep schedules are out of whack, and let’s not even assume that I’m still exercising or eating right. Sigh…. Courtney is a little ragged from the daily deep cleans to keep the house spotless, and we decided last night that we are done with that. When we schedule a showing, we’ll clean in anticipation of it, but none of this constantly clean anymore. It’s too much, especially on Courtney and the kids.

But it’s been worth it, I guess. I’m thrilled with how it all looks, and I’m still fairly confident the house will move. When it happens is of less importance to me as long as we get the right price.

In a thoroughly joyful moment last night, I sat down with the bishopric as part of my monthly PPI with them for my calling. They started off the interview saying that they had heard that we were trying to sell the house. When I confirmed that, they very seriously asked what they could do to convince us to stay in the ward. Honestly? Nothing. We’re already convinced. We desperately want to stay. They were relieved to hear that, and mentioned that it had been a subject of serious conversation for them earlier that night.

It’s nice to be loved.

Now if we could only get the last of the painting done….

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