The Long Awaited Before and After Pictures!!!

I have to admit that I was completely blown away when I saw how the house came together, but that doesn’t even compare to my shock when I saw the Before picture. We took this picture only 4 weeks ago:


You can see me there on the left putting the very first drops of paint on the house.

And now, of course, is the moment in which I drag this on to build up just as much suspense as I possibly can. I mean, this is my Reveal Moment, right? The moment where, if this were a TV show, we’d pan back and forth on the faces of the expectant home owners and draw it as long as we possibly could.

Of course, the Internet has it’s own TiVo to skip commercials. It’s called scrolling down. Sigh… Here it is. The long awaited After Picture!!!


Can you say night and day?

There are a few more things that have to be done, like the chimney and the front steps, but to say that I’m thrilled with it would be a terrible understatement. I’m so pleased with how it all looks, that we’ve honestly re-debated the entire thought of leaving. I still think we need to if only to get the room our children need, but man… seeing the house like that made that a MUCH harder decision than just four weeks ago.

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6 Responses to The Long Awaited Before and After Pictures!!!

  1. nosurfgirl says:

    It. Looks. Awesome.

  2. Travis says:

    It almost seems like a black and white picture that has been colorized by Ted Turner.

    Looks great!

  3. aleisha says:

    i just love yellow and it looks great on the house and the accent brown is lovely

  4. Anthony says:

    Way to be Dave! I still remember what it looked like back when I lived next door and it was a dump back then. I especially like that you picked a brighter happy color. I get bored with the typical colors around here.

  5. marlajayne says:

    Love it! The color reminds me of a color we once used on a porch: honeypot. It’s warm, stimulating, and inviting all at once.

  6. Sidra Morris says:

    Hey! Guess what? We are coming back to Utah! We bought a house in Layton. We want to come see you guys, but I first need to catch up on some of your older posts to see where you are moving to…

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