We’re done!!!

Over two years ago, I wrote out what our plans for the lawn were. I had visions of this and visions of that. And we pretty much scrapped all of those ideas. Things change when a project takes that long. Of  course, we started even earlier than that (about 2.5 years ago) with a massive rip out of all the old junk in our yard.

It was a nice touch of irony that the first person who helped me on the yard, my brother Tim, was also the last. To put that into perspective, he served a mission in the middle of this particular yard project. 🙂

But now we’re done, and I’m so thrilled. It looks incredible, and it makes the house looks so much nicer. I spent all of Saturday laying sod, edging and weeding the flower beds, painting, and otherwise working outside. I’m slightly sunburned in addition to being extremely sore, but man is it worth it. We even went out to Lowes that night (Note: NEVER shop at Home Depot) and bought Courtney’s long-promised roses. Those go in tonight and then….Well, I think I’ll lay on the lawn finally.

Oh, and apparently a neighbor dog thinks we did a good job, too. He left his, uh… “gift” right in the middle of the lawn. Courtney and I have this big debate about dogs like that. In my opinion, I’d feel justified in shooting the dog. Courtney on the other hand wants to shoot the dog’s owner for being irresponsible. I guess we’ll just have to compromise and shoot both.

You’ve been warned.

(Oh, and for the neighborhood flower thief who has already stolen one daffodil… my shovel is still on my front porch, and I will use it if need be.)

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3 Responses to We’re done!!!

  1. Joe and Lora says:

    Congratulations, Dave! Woo-hoo! We’re coming out to Utah next month… guess that means we get to see your finished lawn in person! Umm… I guess that’s our way of inviting ourselves over. 🙂

  2. daveloveless says:

    You guys are always welcome with or without an invitation! Though I expect to see a personal demonstration of Pregnant Flying Squirrel.

  3. nosurfgirl says:

    Is that a karate move?

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