The Census is coming

I like census season for some reason. I don’t know. I’m a numbers geek (even though I’m not very interested in math), and I like to see everything on paper I guess. But it kills me how the census is run.

First, why does the government insist on sending out warning letters telling us that the census is coming? I did a rough calculation, but I bet those warning letters cost $150 million to write, print, and mail. And I really question whether they serve a purpose. A person that was going to throw away the census is going to throw away the warning as well even if they read it. Waste.

My other big complaint is why this isn’t done online? Why can’t they do an opt-in period of a month or two to have everyone who wants to submit their census data electronically? Not only would it save on mailing and printing costs, but it’d dramatically reduce the processing costs as well as the waste. Once the online period was done, letters could be sent to the rest of the population followed by the standard one-on-one visits done over the rest of the year.

Like I said, I enjoy the census. I think it’s an essential part of running the government. But like most government run things, it’s full of waste, overkill, and bureaucracy. And now that we are in an election year, I just have to ask once more: if you ran a corporation the way the government runs this nation, would you fire you? Think about that when it comes time to cast your vote this November.

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One Response to The Census is coming

  1. Laura G says:

    This is the first year either me or Chris has taken the Census ourselves (as we were in high school 10 years ago), and of course we get randomly picked to be one of the households that gets phone calls and visits and long-form questionnaires. Plus he’s technically a minority, so we get *extra* questions because of that. Good times.

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