Movie Review: 2012

I’m a disaster movie junkie, so it was only a matter of time before we saw this one.

The Good

The special effects were outrageous and over the top. In other words, perfect. Each of the major disaster scenes were incredible, lengthy, and exciting. Watching California fall into the ocean was a true stunner, and the scene was enjoyable enough that we watched it twice.

The crazy guy (Charlie Frost) is precious. By far my favorite character.

And that ends the good….

The Bad

The language was terrible. It seemed that every other word was a swear word of some kind.

The plot line was predictable and lame. Truly.

The feel good moments felt more like heart burn.

There was no engagement with the characters beyond just watching them survive.

I’ve never liked Jon Cusack (sorry).


Well, I think that sets a record for my shortest review ever. That’s about how meatless this film was, too.

I’ll give it a single star based only on the special effects. I would have given it two, but the language really is terrible. If you’re a disaster junkie, you’ll probably get a kick out of the disasters (as I did).

1 out of 4 stars.

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3 Responses to Movie Review: 2012

  1. nosurfgirl says:

    I’d give it 2.5 stars for special effects/cool scenarios alone. Plot was thin. Characters underdeveloped but likeable, at least.

    Jeff and I had fun going to watch it ALONE, maybe that ups my star-perception… first movie out since the adoption.

  2. I’m leaning more towards Dave’s score. 1 star, solely for effects. Ok, 1.5 stars (half a star for the glow of the company I had watching it). This is sad, considering just how fertile disaster movies are for rich character development!

    Oh, and Obama really aged fast in his first term! At least he made the right choice, to go down with the ship/Capital/White house/country. With or without him, the resulting government after the catastrophe will inevitably be one-world, socialist, warring, unstable, and universally oppressive of the local African natives that “magically” survived the shifting continental plates upheaval to provide the “cradle of civilization” to humanity once again. A silly ending to be sure!

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