MRI, part II

The final results came back in last night, and the MRI came back negative for every worrisome thing we might have found. YAY!!!

The other news is that we discovered that Myron, if he ever becomes an alcoholic, will likely be a very, very amicable drunk. He spent most of yesterday stumbling around the house. When he’d get close to someone, he’d climb in their lap with this goofy grin and just kind of sit there. Every now and then, he’d lean in really close and stare at whatever happened to be right in front of his face. In my case, that was normally my mouth, chin, or nose. And he’d just stare with that goofy grin. 🙂

I also talked to his eye doctor, and he reported that it sounds like the patching is doing what we want it to do. Now we just wait for the followup in the April where we find out what actually happens to the goober’s eye.

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One Response to MRI, part II

  1. nosurfgirl says:

    how’s the eyepatch going now he’s had time to get used to it? Still running into walls?

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