Hershey’s Eggs are back!!

They’re back, and earlier than ever.

I’ve spotted Hershey’s Eggs at Wal-Mart and Smiths so far. And yes, I’ve indulged in three bags (one on my own, and Courtney bought me two for V-day). 🙂

So much for New Year’s Resolutions, right?

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5 Responses to Hershey’s Eggs are back!!

  1. Lora says:

    Joe and I love Cadbury eggs. You know, the kind with the sugary syrupy goodness inside and the little “yolk” as well. We’ve already indulged in one each. We were so excited to see they were already out! Thankfully those have to be eaten slowly… that’s the only thing that saves us from both being Fatty McButter pants!

  2. daveloveless says:

    Slowly? Heck no, I try to down one of those whole and completely. I only eat one a year, though….

  3. Alan says:

    Reeses Eggs are where it’s at. Best. Candy. Ever.

  4. daveloveless says:

    Hey Alan!

    I’ll give you a pick thumbs-up for the Reeses Eggs, but you can get Reeses any time….

  5. nosurfgirl says:



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