Another helping, please

Courtney and I have been debating the third child thing for a little while. I’ve always wanted a large family (5 or 6 kids), but I recognize that not only would Courtney struggle with that physically, she’d struggle with that emotionally and mentally. Not to say she’s not a strong woman but rather that some mothers handle children well and lots of them. Others do not, and there is incredible wisdom in recognizing your own limits and abilities.

But a third… Yes, I think we could do a third and maybe even a fourth. It all depends on how life turns out, I guess.

And speaking of life, we made the mistake of mentioning to the Lord that our current home cannot handle a third child and that a larger house would be required to make that little adventure work. And then the heavens parted, the thunder cracked, and the voice from on high said, “SO LET IT BE WRITTEN, SO LET IT BE DONE!!!!” And we just kind of sat and… well, a little too late to take that back now.

But even that is exciting. We’ve spent the last two, three weeks trying to figure out how to make it all work, and having arrived at the end of an intense and prayerful search, we cannot see how it’ll happen. First, we’d have to find a way to sell our home, and frankly there is no way to sell it for what we’d need to get out of it. There just isn’t. So we looked at trying to grandfather the home as legal duplex, but a search of the Polk and Cole directories going back 40+ years shows that our home only recently added the accessory apartment. No can do in other words. It’s fine to rent while the house is owner occupied, but the real value in the property would be as a duplex, which is no longer an option.

So now what? Courtney feels fairly strongly that the change/move/house/whatever will happen in the next three to four months. I try not to be disbelieving, but I just don’t know how that can happen. I like to think that I believe that that isn’t a lack of faith but rather a questioning of how such a thing can happen. Ah, but the Lord sees into my heart….

I keep mentioning that Ed McMahon could drop by…. Or the lottery? True, I’d have to buy a lottery ticket. 🙂

I’m not complaining of course. (No, really, I’m not.) I’m merely stating that seeing this through–both a third child and a new home–will require another helping of faith, one that I don’t necessarily have. Honestly, if the house were to sell, it’d “solve” the issue immediately, but I don’t know how to get it sold in this environment. And there is also the matter that every real estate agent I talk to shakes their head and says “no way” when I tell them what needs to happen. They say it’s impossible.

But He wouldn’t be God if it were merely possible, no would He?

So another helping, please. And while You’re at, please pass the over-sized Ed McMahon check…. (just kidding.)

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6 Responses to Another helping, please

  1. Sarah L. says:

    I like to buy my groceries with oversized checks. ;-D

    I thought you were about to announce that number 3 was coming. I was in serious suspense. Shall we have a race? Will you have number 3 before we have number 5? We did win the Old Testament reading race, so maybe we should let you have this one ……

  2. daveloveless says:

    A race, eh? As long as Courtney didn’t find out, I think I could swing it.

    If I win, you owe me a huge helping of your famous Alfredo. If you win, I’ll make you a delicious Brazilian lasagna.

  3. Sarah L. says:

    I am pretty hungry for lasagna.

  4. Courtney Loveless says:

    A RACE!?!?!!

  5. daveloveless says:

    Uh oh, Sarah!!! SHE FOUND US!!! RUN!!!!!

  6. nosurfgirl says:

    Um… I think agree with you on this Courtney. Just picturing your outraged face has me in tears.

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