All about Myron

I shaved him bald again last night WITH Courtney’s permission. Or maybe it wasn’t permission, but when I announced my intentions, she didn’t complain. That’s sort of like permission, right?

I just think little boys look better with shaved heads, and there is something about Myron that makes him look especially adorable with the shaved head. I don’t mean to brag, but Myron is one of the cutest babies/toddlers I’ve seen. I just might be slightly biased though. 🙂

On other news, we found out that Myron has a slightly lazy eye. I actually noticed about 7 or 8 months ago that his eyes didn’t track together, but I assumed that Courtney would bring it up. Since she didn’t, I didn’t. Turns out, though, that she just hadn’t noticed.

We found out from doing family portraits a few weeks back. Last night, our friend who did the portraits brought over a bunch of proofs to go through and happened to mention Myron’s eye. I think he picked it out because he has a lazy eye himself. Once he pointed it out, Courtney readily saw it.

I’m not sure what you do to treat a lazy eye or if it is something to even worry about. It’s not pronounced enough to cause him social problems, but we think it does answer some of the questions we’ve had about him. He’s just now started to pick things up using the pincer grasp, and we think that may be related to impaired depth perception.

But like I said, we’re not really worried or concerned. He’s still the cutest 1-year-old on the block.

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5 Responses to All about Myron

  1. Sarah B says:

    Umm, I’ve been trying really hard not to give parenting advice to people but…yes, worry about it. Ammon has lost almost all vision in his lazy eye. He has very little depth perception and cannot appreciate 3-D like most people. This makes driving difficult. He also has had difficulty with reading linked to his ability to track a single line on a page.

    Find a doctor that can help you evaluate Myron and determine whether he needs a patch, glasses, surgery or just some simple eye exercises.

  2. daveloveless says:

    Thanks, Sarah.

    I should probably clarify what I mentioned above. Of course we are going to take care of it, but we aren’t going to worry about it. All the information I’ve read so far point to high success rates of treating this and other conditions, especially when treated before the age of five.

    Later today, I’ll be calling our optometrist for advice and to see if they are qualified to work with Myron on this. If they’re not, we’ll go elsewhere, but he WILL be taken care of.

    Like I said, we’re not worried, but we are going to do everything we can to fix it. Sorry if I sounded like we weren’t going to or that we weren’t concerned. 🙂

  3. nosurfgirl says:

    He’d look soooo cute with an eye patch. Is that wierd?

    I know of a few babies with this condition and it seemed like it was a pretty routine fix.
    Just so you know…I’ve never noticed it!

  4. Sarah B says:

    Glad to hear it. A’s dad was dying when he needed initial treatment so it wasn’t a priority…something Mom and A regret.

  5. Courtney Loveless says:

    I thought that sometimes he looked a little cross-eyed, but I assumed it was because he was standing really close to me or whatever he was looking at.

    I’m absolutely dumbfounded that I never noticed it.

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