Stake Conference

Today was stake conference for us. I always enjoy stake conference, mostly because I’m just waiting to see our stake president translated. He’s such an inspiring and gentle person, and his talks are always heart-felt, rich, and full of genuine love and compassion for everyone. It makes me sad to think that he’ll be released in the next year or two.

We went to the old tabernacle this time as well. Usually we go to overflow in the stake center because it’s easier to handle the kids. This time, though, Katherine was eager to see the tabernacle. She gets a thrill out of going to the “castle.” I’m sure she has dreams of princesses and princes and a huge ball.

The tabernacle, however, while beautiful, is a tragedy waiting to happen. The benches are rock hard and the kids get antsy really fast. To get a seat that allows us to easily care for the kids means we have to come 30 minutes early (which we would do no matter what), but that also means that our kids are DONE by the time conference starts. This time, I think Courtney and I managed to actually hear maybe 15 minutes combined of all the talks. Katherine was NOT going to sit and be still, and Myron made Katherine look like an angel. He did, however, have a great time playing coy and shy with a darling Mexican young woman sitting next to us. He would get these wonderful shy eyes and just grin, she’d play bashful, and then they’d both burst out giggling. It was adorable.

Halfway through, I made the mistake of thinking that a spiritual experience was all but lost this conference. It was at that time that we all stood and sang I am a child of God. Katherine got so excited that she literally shouted the entire song. People five and six rows in front of us kept turning around to smile at her and her wonderful enthusiasm. And that’s when it hit me: My kid has a testimony.

So I may not have heard much of what the speakers said, but I did hear the thunderous testimony of a five-year-old girl belting out her surety and faith in God. It was worth it.

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