Breaking to be unbroken

Having broken ribs has been an experience. I’ve learned a lot from the experience, namely that I don’t sleep well when I have broken ribs. I also have some pretty solid back pain caused, I think, from being forced into compensating positions while sitting, standing, and otherwise living life.

I’ve always had a real high tolerance to pain, and I have yet to take anything at all for the ribs. It’s just not that big of a deal, but the back is starting to bug me. I’ll have to figure out something to do for that tonight before it continues to worsen.

But what I’ve found most interesting is that the broken ribs have served as a constant reminder to be careful and aware in many areas of my life. Like most, I started the new year with several resolutions and hopes. Some resolutions were health related, most were spiritual, and a few were just for me, but each of them has stuck in my mind far longer than usual because of the ribs.

That has, by far, been the most significant blessing I’ve gained through this experience.

I think I remember my resolutions because of the consistent thorn that is, quite literally, in my side. The Lord seems to remind and correct us at times by providing for the thorns of life. Some of this is surely the inherent conflict of positive and negative spoken of by Lehi, but I think a significant portion is more strictly for our benefit in that we learn much through each of our experiences.

On a related note, isn’t it wonderful to know the full extent of the Atonement covers even things like this? These are experiences that the Savior can relate to, and while I don’t necessarily believe that means He’ll remove them from us, I do believe we can show up at his feet and say, as Elder Cook put it in a recent General Conference, “Hope you know, I had a hard time.”

On Sunday, our bishop challenged us to bear testimony of that which sustains us. In a thoroughly cynical moment, my immediate thoughts were Loratab, Percoset, and maybe a healthy dose of Morphine, but as I sat through the meeting, a few specific things jumped into my mind:

  • The Savior, of course. Could anyone or anything be more supporting and faithful to us than Jesus Christ? And knowing that, doesn’t it make every little aspect of life potentially wonderful?
  • Of particular import to me lately has been the marriage covenant. It’s such a relief to me to know that her apron strings are wrapped tightly about my ankles and that I’m not going to slip away. On the inverse, it’s a constant reminder that our partnership needs both equal lifting and equal leaning. I’ve been leaning a lot this last year with all we’ve gone through, and surely that covenant has sustained us.
  • Friends. I love my friends. I often go back and read this post. I was on my lunch walk today and a guy I knew in high school happened to recognize me while driving by and we stopped and talked for ten minutes. We haven’t seen each other in at least ten years, and it was just nice to know that after that long we both recognized and knew each other.


What a random post. Seriously.

I think I’ll sum it all up by saying that your ribs matter. Do your best to take good care of them. 🙂

Oh, and when you get the chance, it’s important to remember who and what sustains you and offer gratitude.

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One Response to Breaking to be unbroken

  1. Sarah B says:

    The reference to loratab…did you go to the doctor? Have you bound your ribs? There’s some sort of Little House on the Prairie reference that tells me that would help.

    Glad you’re finding something to be grateful for in this situation.

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