Adoring the Muppets

I think that’s about the right way to say it, too. I adore the Muppets. Aside from a disastrous Muppets in Space and an even worse Muppets’ Wizard of Oz, the Muppets can really do no wrong.

There’s just something about them that makes me smile.

My dream is that someday the Muppets will do Phantom of the Opera. I can just see it in my mind, though I’m not sure who would play the lead. Piggy would be a good choice, of course, but she’s very much more a Carlotta. But I’m calling Fozzy as the Phantom. Can’t you just see him singing The Point of No Return?

Anyway, I found this on YouTube today, and I’ve watched it at least a dozen times. It cracks me up, and I don’t even like Queen.

Truly hilarious.

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3 Responses to Adoring the Muppets

  1. nosurfgirl says:

    Ok… I’m sorry but that has me in stitches.

    What kind of creativity would Jim Hensonites have to utilize to create a distorted, mutilated muppet-face to come out from behind a muppet mask?

    And I know Christine’s eyelids would be powder-blue and she’d have ridiculously long eyelashes. And a high, male-falsetto trying to be soprano, voice.


  2. Travis says:

    I am a huge muppet fan as well (shocking, I know). I even like from space and wizard of oz.
    There is just something amazing at what the artistry involved can do.
    As much as I love Jim Henson (who, I give massivethumbs up to since he created them and who literally brought life to Rowlf, Ernie and Kermit, to name but 3), I am more of a Frank Oz character guy (Animal, Sam the Eagle, Bert). However, their best creation- the Swedish Chef.
    When the chef was originally done, Jim and Frank would split the puppetry- one would do the body, one would do the arms (it would switch from performance to performance, but that’s also why it looks so disjointed). The whole purpose of the Swedish Chef character originally was to mess up the other one or get them to laugh.
    Some of my most treasured DVDs are Muppet Show Seasons 1-3 and the early Sesame Street DVDs they have released.

  3. DWH says:

    A good way to start of a Friday!

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