Doctrine of the Family

I heard an interesting thought that I hadn’t quite grasped yesterday during church. While someone was being set apart, the speaker for the blessing mentioned that while the world is growing increasingly wicked, the Law of Opposition demands that the world also grows equally righteous. I had often heard the idea before, but never in conjunction with the Law of Opposition. It seems valid to me.

So, evil-doers, consider this my contribution to the growth of righteousness.

The following article is one of those landmark pieces that seem to come out every now and then. It’s by President Julie Beck (Relief Society General President and one of the most intelligent and inspiring people I can think of), and it includes some of the clearest descriptions of the true nature of the family that I have seen. It also includes a mighty call to arms that leaves me feeling overwhelmed and inspired. As President Eyring has said, if we’re not feeling overwhelmed in our priesthood responsibilities (this applies to the women as well, of course), we are not anxiously engaged.

Well… It’s well past time to be anxiously engaged.

Julie Beck–Doctrine of the Family

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One Response to Doctrine of the Family

  1. aleisha says:

    i find this post exhaustingly true! i am convinced that families are where we will learn everything we need to if we allow them/God to teach us…my dad always had a saying “joy will fill the cavity sorrow carves” and i think that the family is one of the places that can carve deeply and yet through the atonement heal profoundly. you just gotta keep trying…

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