Christmas Trees, Camels, and Tents

I assume many of you are familiar with the parable of the camel, the nomad, and the tent/sandstorm, but if not, the story runs much like this….

A nomad and his camel were traveling through the desert when a sandstorm came up. The nomad quickly set up his tent and, leaving the camel outside, retreated to the safety of his shelter. Soon the camel began complaining of the sand and entreated upon the nomad to let him put just his nose inside the tent so that he might breathe more easily. The nomad agreed, but soon the camel complained that the sand was getting in his eyes. The nomad agreed once more that the camel could bring his head far enough into the tent to get his eyes out of the sand. But then it was his ears. Then his neck. Then his front legs and so forth until, finally, the entire camel was in the tent and the poor nomad was crowded out into the storm.

In real life, I’m the camel. Or maybe Christmas is the camel. Not quite sure, but let’s just say that this last week started with us just listening to Christmas music. Oh, but can we just put out the Christmas candles? Yes? Excellent! Can I light them? How about we go buy our new lights right now. Oh don’t worry. We won’t set them up yet…. Oh, I have to take the old lights off the tree, and it’s a big job. Can I just do that this Saturday while I’ve got some football games to watch? It’ll keep me out of your hair and be easy. Well now that the tree has the old lights off, can I put the new ones on? Oh look what I just found!!! Our Christmas wreath. Well, I hate to put it back in the closet, so I’ll just put it on the door right here. You know, Courtney, while I was pulling the wreath out, I also just happened to find all our other Christmas ornaments. I want to go through them and pull out some of the old ones that we don’t want to use anymore. Now that all the ornaments are out, can I just put a few favorites on the tree right now? Yes? Hey Katherine!!! Mommy says we can decorate the tree!!!! Oh LOOK!!! Someone made a big pot of hot chocolate and a huge bowl of popcorn!!! We should just decorate everything tonight!!!!

And so it was that last night, Christmas descended upon the Loveless household in a roar of Christmas spirit. If you’re looking for Courtney, she’s the frazzled-looking nomad out back. And don’t feel too bad for her. She did manage to stop me before I put up all the lights outside. Soon enough….

Oh, and I should point out that Courtney has very little reason to complain. According to past blog posts, this is the latest we’ve set up the tree in at least three years. 🙂

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6 Responses to Christmas Trees, Camels, and Tents

  1. Sarah L. says:


  2. Paul says:

    How often can I beg for after Thanksgiving?!?

    Dave, you must be Canadian at heart, because they have Thanksgiving in October.

  3. daveloveless says:

    Doesn’t hurt to beg, but since the tree being up in mid-November has absolutely zero effect on you….

    Besides, I’m far too independent to take any external begging with any sense of legitimacy. 🙂

  4. nosurfgirl says:

    chuckling here. What can you do? Skywalker’s that way about the Christmas music… he wants it on way before I’m ready for it. But somehow he wins, too. Every year.

  5. JeffreyD says:

    So does early Christmas decorating correlate with early Christmas burn-out? Is the tree coming down today?

    Oh, and I just wanted to get five comments in a row so that I dominated your Recent Comments area. Domination!!!

  6. daveloveless says:

    Does it make it a little more than telling if I announce that I just finished putting away the last of the decorations?


    I adore Christmas, but I’m also one who is VERY ready to move on after it is done. There are two birthdays (one which is mind) immediately after Christmas plus there is our anniversary in a few days. I’m just ready to allow for those holidays to have their own significance and meaning.

    Plus, our tree dominates our living room and I’m ready to have that room back. It’s nice having it up, but I also very much like taking it down.

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