Really? The Peace Prize?

I’m sure I’m going to catch some flak from some, but I almost felt ill this morning when I found out that President Obama had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. I just have to ask the question: Why? What has he done to deserve the Peace Prize? Are we really so enamored with the man that we have put him in the same group with people and groups like Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Theresa, and Doctors Without Borders?

Really, what has he done? Legitimately answering that question and giving valid reasons why he is deserving above all others would be worthy of a Nobel prize.

The Nobel Committee has proven with recent selections that the Nobel Peace Prize is nothing more than a political popularity contest. In my opinion, it has been consistently cheapened and degraded as the contest became more about unfulfilled promises, rhetoric, trends, and “feel good moments” (Can anyone say “global warming?”). What happened to actually accomplishing something, making a difference, having an impact?

No, the Nobel Peace Prize has lost whatever credibility it still had with this selection. And it’s nothing against President Obama… except that he hasn’t done anything worthy of this reward. If he were really wise, he’d turn it down. Maybe he’ll be deserving of it in a year or two when his resume is more than “got elected president,” but right now he’s nothing more than the Flavor of the Month leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

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6 Responses to Really? The Peace Prize?

  1. nosurfgirl says:

    Lol. I’m still trying to decide how I feel about this.

    Honestly, I wish people wouldn’t give Obama that halo that a lot seem to be ready to give him. Seems to me we’re setting up a reaaaaallly tall pedestal to fall from. And he will fall at some point… NO US president has been constantly popular throughout his entire presidency, at least not in recent history. Any good president will have to make some unpopular decisions, and I believe Obama is a good president. Also it provides the Right with ample opportunity to demonize him… such a stark, black-and-white view of our President, depending on which side you’re veiwing him from, worries me.

    Having said that, Americans have nothing to do with the Nobel Prize. We didn’t ask for it! HE didn’t ask for it! I’m sure he’s a little embarrassed, honestly.

    As far as the reasons are concerned, I see it as an opportunity for possibly the center of European leftist thinking to make a point… they made their point. Yay for global warming acknowledgment, yay for inclusive diplomacy. yayayay. Go Sweden.

    I still love my president… and when he falls from this impossible pedestal I’ll still be a staunch defender. 🙂

  2. daveloveless says:

    I wouldn’t have expected anything less from you, Nosurfgirl. To be honest, there is much I dislike about Obama and much that I like. I’m really quite neutral though slightly more to the negative side when it comes to him. However, this award is a joke. Complete.

    I did laugh out loud though at the “Go Sweden” remark above. Hilarious (although it’s Norway, not Sweden).

    And just to be clear, I’m not so much blasting Obama as I am the Nobel Committee. I do agree that Obama has done nothing (loved that SNL skit, by the way), and the Nobel Committee blew it by setting him up even higher.

  3. Sarah B says:

    I too am looking for the “why”. A Global warming acknowledgment is enough? Heck, I acknowledge global warming, why didn’t I get the prize? It truly is a disservice to all the people around the world who have spent their lives seeking peace and serving their neighbor.

  4. Sarah L. says:

    Maybe the committee is trying to convince Republicans that Obama is swell? After all, he won the Nobel Peace Prize! Do they ever explain why a person was chosen?

  5. Lora Leigh says:

    Joe wants to know if you ever send these entries into newspapers. He thinks you’re a good writer, and if you were in the paper, he might even read it. 🙂 He also says that he’s glad our get-togethers are usually mindless and silly because he doesn’t think he could keep up with your intellectual debates. Editorial comment: Bah. He would just start going off about derivatives or finance law, and we would all quickly be lost.

    Let’s just stick to Farkel, food, and the PLAN.

  6. daveloveless says:

    Hi Lora! I’ve thought about it, but I haven’t done it yet. I should.

    And yes, we’ll just stick to the plan…. As I recall that involves me and Joe streaking campus with you and Courtney driving the get away car, right?

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