Encountering Islam: Snow

Our training with the Malaysian team continues, and we’ve had a relatively funny occurrence. An early winter storm tore through the area yesterday leaving the mountains white and pristine. All day long, they’d look out the window and just stare at the snow with a mix of giddy excitement and apprehension. I assume the excitement was because they’d never seen snow and the apprehension of the associated cold.

It made me laugh. Before they go, I keep telling them they need to head up the mountain and make snow angels. They smile, laugh, and tell me no.

Well, I tried.

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One Response to Encountering Islam: Snow

  1. Lora Leigh says:

    As someone who likewise didn’t grow up in a place where snow was commonplace, I can understand where they are coming from! The first time I walked outside (in Utah) into a snowstorm, I couldn’t figure out why there were bits of white stuff flying all through the sky. I mean, seriously, was Utah THAT polluted?

    I got the hang of it, though, and was definitely making snow angels every chance I got. Sigh… I miss snow angels!

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