Baseball bat or cinder block? Good question.

It is new-tenant move in time in the apartment complex next door. Typically, it’s a time of year I don’t look forward to because of the increased traffic in the city, the piles of garbage left behind as old tenants move out, and the never-ending calls to help move. And it’s not so much that I dislike moving, it’s more the quantity of moves to be done….

But this year has reached a new low.

Next door to us, a new tenant has come in that owns an SUV. It looks like a relatively nice SUV, but it has one problem. See, the car alarm goes off randomly. And when I say randomly, that should be understood as “only when the kids are trying to sleep,” and typically it happens during the middle of the night. And not only does it go off, but the owner lets it run until it turns itself off.


And all this wouldn’t matter except that he insists on parking directly beneath the kids’ bedroom window. As in his car is less than six feet from the open window. As in Myron wakes up screaming each and every single time which then wakes up Katherine. And forget the fact that we are also trying to sleep.

So the question I ask to the panel today is this: Should I crush the car with a baseball bat or a cinder block?

We’re going to write a kindly-worded note asking them to at least not park next to our house. I get that alarms go wonky sometimes, but if it’s expected, park somewhere else. And if they insist on parking beneath that window… well, I’m sure we’ll make an easy case for a “disturbing the peace” claim with the local PD. And even if that doesn’t work, we happen to know the landlords of that complex quite well, and I’m sure we could plead our case to them.

We’re not jerks, but I live by the old rule of being a dad: You hurt my kids, I break your face.

Yes indeed…. A kindly-worded note… of course.

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5 Responses to Baseball bat or cinder block? Good question.

  1. Sarah L. says:

    I would talk to them first. If they’re single, they might have no comprehension of how much it sucks to have someone wake your kids up.

    If that doesn’t work, I would rent some heavy duty construction equipment for a home project and there would be a little “accident”.


  2. DWH says:

    Speak to them first is the nice thing to do. If no change happens as you say, call the PD and report that someone is “breaking into” a car and the alarm is going off and that you are concerned! And maybe after calling the PD (and if/when) they stop coming out you can call the apt. managers (day or night) and “inform” them every time it happens. If you get tired of the alarm, maybe they will get tired of your calls.

    And make sure with each call you make to document day/time/calls made for later on.

    Good luck!

  3. Bob says:

    The note idea is good. You don’t necessarily need to speak to them face to face at first, lest your lack of sleep from the night before causes you to get angry.

    Oh, and the note should not be attached to a brick and be inserted through the windshield.

  4. daveloveless says:

    Oh come on, Bob!!! I was going to assume your “leave a note” suggestion was a vote for a brick through the windshield! 🙂

    We’ll be gentle, of course, but it does need to stop. If nothing else, it needs to stop before Courtney reverts back to her army days and daisy chains some Klaymore mines across the parking lot. She’s told me she could do it in a way to ensure the house came away unscathed….

  5. nosurfgirl says:

    Yay! the mines get my vote.

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