Why I choose Allstate

Is there even such a thing as a company that I truly love? I think not. I prefer Wal-mart over Target. Okay, I hate Target. I prefer Lowe’s over Home Depot… Wait a minute… I hate Home Depot more than I hate Target. Unfortunatley, due to a non-disclosure agreement, I can’t explain that one. Let me just say that you will never catch me in a Home Depot again for any reason, and if you love me at all, you won’t either….

All right… I admit that was a little over the top, but seriously… Home Depot was the most damaging thing that has happened to us since we’ve been married. Not even kidding.

But really, does anyone really love a company?

I remember being asked that question in a job interview. It was one of the strangest questions I’ve ever been asked, and it was one of the worst interviews of my life. The interviewer didn’t care. He didn’t even look up once, and it was obvious he was just filling a role and not really doing his job. But I answered the question and explained my thoughts with as much conviction as I could. All false answers I think, but I’m not sure it matters since A) I quickly found out that I wouldn’t have taken the job anyway and B) the interviewer couldn’t have cared less about the answers.

Marlajayne recently posted an example of great customer service, and I think that’s got my mind paying a little closer attention to those things lately. My local Allstate agent, a man I’ve worked with for almost 10 years now, is a prime example of great customer service. That’s not to say that we haven’t had our issues in the past. There will always be the time a few years back when I had a dead battery, they said they’d cover the charge from the tow truck, and then reneged on the deal. Annoying yes, but forgiveable, especially since they later offered to cover the costs. But the positives far outweigh the negatives.

Today, for example, I got my renewal letter, and I noticed that my costs had gone up even though we had traded in our luxury car for a Taurus worth less than a third the previous car. I also noticed that some incorrect information from my accident (which wasn’t my fault) had appeared on my policy. I called up armed with stacks of information prepared to do battle with the evil Allstate.

My agent, also named Dave by the way, started with a disarming conversation about how I was doing. I was wise to his tricks and quickly steered the conversation back to the topic at hand. I made my first complaint, and he immediately pulled up my account, verified the mistake and fixed it. But I was too smart to fall for that trick: Good Cop, Bad Cop, right?

I went on to my second complaint (a raise in my liability coverage of over 25%). He carefully recorded all the information, admitted that it looked odd for the rate to go up, and promised to research the reasoning and give me a call in 24 hours. Then he asked if I had anything else.

Uh… No. Well… Can we argue for just a few minutes? Please…?

Really, I expected to have to do battle. I always expect that for some reason, but looking back, I can honestly say that Allstate has always treated me well and right. My agent in particular has always treated me well. And fairly.

It doesn’t make me love my insurance, but then again, does anyone really love a company? I don’t think I do, but Allstate is about as close as it gets.

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One Response to Why I choose Allstate

  1. nosurfgirl says:

    I know the feeling… ready to argue with someone (I think the angst of having to wait, on hold, is a big part of that). I always struggle to moderate my tone before I begin talking to those people. Goodness knows they could make my life more miserable if they wanted to 🙂

    Glad you found someone you like and trust. I think with insurance, cars, and if you ever have contact with child and family services (hopefully not but we do because of the adoption) having people you enjoy talking to and being around is a MUST.

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