Missing the Boo

I started noticing that I was getting annoyed and grumpy at little things all yesterday. Things were truly annoying this morning as I got ready for work, and every little anything just grated on me. I was trying to figure out why, and when I gave Katherine my standard Kiss, Hug, Bonk on my way out the door, I realized what was wrong…. Katherine was going to spend the weekend playing with grandma and grandpa.

It’s strange how much that little girl affects me, or maybe it’s not. Maybe I’m normal and everyone else who doesn’t get torn like that is weird. But I truly don’t like not having her around. I hate it. Yes, the feeling is strong enough to actually say hate. At the same time, I recognize the value of the relationships she’s building with her grandparents, and I love that she calls them her friends. I hope it’s an attitude that never changes. Ever.

But I still seriously miss my little Boo, and oh does it make me realize that the time moves much too quickly. I found myself counting today and realizing that we’ve only got her for another 14, maybe 15 years before she’s out on her own.


And no… she doesn’t have me wrapped around her little finger. Not at all.

Count Down to Katherine’s Return: 4 days.

Four miserably long days….

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2 Responses to Missing the Boo

  1. nosurfgirl says:

    Man. I’m getting all teary eyed now thinking of leaving our kids for a whole week…

  2. Sarah says:

    Aw! That’s so sweet. 😀

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