Dave’s WW of EU: Nouning the Verb

I haven’t posted in this category in almost a year, and the only reason I do now is because of a classic error I saw this morning.

I got an e-mail that used the term on board, as in get everyone to agree with something as a verb. This is a paraphrase, but the sentence roughly read, “to on board the project….”

In that same e-mail, I saw another one that just left me stunned. The sentence again used on board as a verb, but the most horrific part came just before:

…we are preparating to on board…

Preparating…. Really, there’s just no such need for that kind of abuse.

I’m not one to get up in arms over grammar (that’s the descriptive side of me talking), but I officially declare war on preparating and on board when used as a verb.

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2 Responses to Dave’s WW of EU: Nouning the Verb

  1. nosurfgirl says:

    preparating? What???

    As in preparing?

  2. Laura G says:

    Hm… I could *almost* accecpt “on board” if it was hyphenated (on-board) or a single word (onboard), like the adjective would be.

    But there’s no excuse for “preparate.”

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