Manly Man Feast Results

I lost.

Kind of.

This takes a minute to explain, so hold on: There were three entries for the dessert competition (Oreo Truffles, Turtle Cake, and Chocolate Dessert). The problem was that the Chocolate Dessert had a white Cool Whip topping to it and the Turtle Cake had a chocolate topping to it.

The very first vote, which I and another person were asked to count, was for a “White Cake” which we interpreted to mean the Chocolate Dessert. However, the term “white” then stuck in our minds for the rest of the evening, and so any votes for the Chocolate Dessert ended up going to the Turtle Cake in addition to all of the Turtle Cake votes.

By the time we realized our mistake, it was much too late, though I did submit an official petition to the United States Supreme Court complaining about hanging chads, inoperable electronic voting machines, and unfairly biased election reps with confusing counting procedures. The simple truth is that even with those votes corrected, it would have been neck-and-neck between the Turtle Cake and the Oreo Truffles, and since we tore the votes to show that we had counted them, there was no real way to go back anyway. Apparently we never learned from Florida.

Oh well.

I was gracious in defeat (I limited myself to only 10 minutes of post-competition trash talking and glaring). But I’ll be back next year…. I think I’ll do my world-famous Brazilian Lasagna and just blow the competition out of the water.

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2 Responses to Manly Man Feast Results

  1. nosurfgirl says:

    siiiiiigh… at some point you’ll have to let me try some of that Brazilian Lasagna. At some point when I can justify non-vegetarianism. 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    You will prevail next year!

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