You’d think I would have won by now…

I am a professional writer. I have been writing in some form or another since I was six. I wrote my very first story as a six-year-old. It was a story about a robot who loved roses, and it was written on the computer in all caps because I got tired of switching between “the little letters and the big letters.”

Sadly, I don’t have a copy of that story. Should I ever become a master at my craft to be studied through the rest of history, I’m sure that the lost copy of The Robot that Loved Roses will be worth far more than a lost Picasso.

Or maybe not.

But I have been actively writing for 25 years now, and in all that time, I’ve never won a writing contest. I’ve never really entered one, true, but I figured I was due.

I recently entered an essay contest to win tickets to see Dave Ramsey in his upcoming Live Event, and I won. Well, I won tickets. I really took second place out of a field of about 95 writers.

The assigned topic for the essay was how Dave Ramsey’s class (Financial Peace University) had helped me, and I wrote about Katherine’s experience buying her princess dress using her own money and how proud I was of her accomplishment.

I like the feel of winning.

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5 Responses to You’d think I would have won by now…

  1. Sarah says:

    Woo hoo!!!! Congratulations!

  2. Robert says:

    I know a stay-at-home mom in our ward out here in Virginia that makes money on the side by entering writing contests all the time. There’s so many out there and she keeps tabs on them, constantly winning because in many cases, there’s not much competition.

    Sounds like you had to beat out a whole bunch of people to earn your prize, though. Congrats.

    Oh, we’ll be in Utah for a week in June. We look forward to seeing you.

  3. nosurfgirl says:

    Whoo hoo!!!!

    Sometime I should tell you about the ONLY writing contest I ever won… it was a poetry contest, not my finest hour.

    Anyway. Hooray!!! IT must be such an amazing accomplished feeling…. someday.

  4. daveloveless says:

    Thanks everyone.

    I would love to eventually support myself off my writing. I guess I already do, but the authors out there know exactly what I mean.

    Robert–I’d love to know where she finds her competitions.

  5. Sarah Bailey says:

    Way to go Dave! That’s fantastic! So, were the winning essay’s published anywhere? I’d love to see it.

    I won a writing contest once. It was “describe your favorite summer activity in 10 words”. I wrote about ice blocking, and I guess it was weird enough to get noticed.

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