Dave’s Gardening Corner: Repairing a concrete wall

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted in this particular series, and to be honest, I wouldn’t be posting if I didn’t find myself needing to repair a concrete-faced gravity wall.

We built the wall about two years ago to prevent the tenants in the parking lot next door from parking on our lawn. Apparently, now we need to train them not to park in our wall as well. Someone, who didn’t come talk to us about the accident (GRRRR!!!), hit the wall and pushed about a three foot section out of place. To be honest, they are lucky they didn’t bring the wall down on their car, although I would have had a moment of perverse satisfaction if they had. And this comes with the discovery over the last two days that someone has been stealing my beautiful daffodil blooms.


I’m just not sure what happened to honesty anymore. And respect for other people’s property.

Anyway, to repair a wall like this or any brickwork for that matter, the first thing is to remove the offending bricks. Often times, the bricks can be reused if they are not shattered (ours are not), but you’ll need to clean the old mortar off the bricks or, in our case, remove the vinyl concrete facing around the edges so that you have space in which to work.

Step two is to repair the surrounding area by either adding additional mortar or shoring up edges. Replace the bricks in the wall and re-mortar them in place. In our case, we’ll rebuild the gravity wall and then reface using the vinyl concrete.

It’s really not a difficult task but maybe a little time consuming if you’ve never worked with brick before. Personally, if you are talking about a foundational or structural brick, I would never attempt to do this on my own. There are other things involved with repairing that kind of brickwork that really needs to be handled by a professional.

As for us, we’ll be adding this repair job to our Saturday list this coming weekend, and I’ll be placing a short letter on all the doors of the apartment complex next door asking whoever it was to come forward and at least offer to help with the repair. I just don’t understand how someone can cause that kind of damage and just walk away.

Take some responsibility for yourselves. Honestly.

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