Peace in a troubled world

While much could be said about spiritual peace in today’s world, I think temporal peace is just as important. Spiritual peace is, in many ways, a simple task of being comfortable with your relationship with deity and feeling comfortable with your responses to those around you. Obviously more to it than that, but for now, that’s a simple answer that moves us to temporal peace.

Both temporal and spiritual peace are related to one another. It is difficult to feel temporal peace when you are not spiritually peaceful, and it is difficult to be spiritually peaceful when you are hungry, homeless, unemployed, and so on. Because of this, the church in general puts a strong emphasis on temporal peace.

In December, Courtney and I felt a strong prompting to get our food storage prepared. We felt this was a direct warning to future events. We began doing just that using birthday money I received from my parents to purchase several 6-gallon food storage buckets. Over the last few months, we’ve filled 5 of those buckets with various long-term storage items (rice, oats, flour, macaroni, and corn meal). We’ve also put an added emphasis on other supplies such as canned vegetables, soups, honey, spices, and yeast. Altogether, we have roughly 5 months of food. While we certainly wouldn’t eat well, we would eat, and that’s the point.

In addition to food storage, we’ve worked at rebuilding our emergency fund and adding other items we feel would be needed in an emergency.

As we’ve worked on this project, we’ve felt a wonderful sense of peace. We’ve recognized a tangible barrier that we’ve been able to place between us and life, and it’s led to a comfortable feeling of temporal peace where natural worries don’t really apply to us. Well, we still worry about many of those same things, but it’s different. Let me try to explain….

Yesterday a friend of mine had to replace all four of her tires on her car. It was an emergency replacement and completely unexpected. The total cost was $400, but she had been living in such a way that she had the $400 saved up and could pay cash. She came back and was disgruntled about having to spend the money, but she wasn’t really troubled by it. The point is this, if you take the time to prepare, you will still experience problems, but the prepared person has choices and options whereas the unprepared does not. If you have no money and you have to replace your tires, what do you do? If you have the money, what do you do? If you have no food storage and a disaster strikes, what do you do? If you have the food storage, what do you do?

Temporal peace in this troubled world is a matter of taking the time while the sun still shines to organize and create a lifestyle resistant to life. Life happens and it happens fast. Your preparedness will determine how well you handle it.

The church provides a wealth of resources on being temporally and spiritually prepared. These resources include information on creating stronger families, creating food storage and emergency plans, and being more financially responsible.

I know that many people I’ve talked to have felt the strong promptings to get ready, most of them independent from the others. When we visited with Nosurfgirl and her husband last week, they actually proudly showed off the progress they’ve made in only the last few months. When we have friends over, we proudly display what we’ve accomplished.

Prophets have told us for years to make these changes, and now the spirit is confirming those words in our hearts and in our minds. The gospel is a gospel of peace, and if you would have it, you would be wise to listen to the whispers that are steadily increasing to a shout. If nothing else, make the goal of doing at least something each week or month to move that much closer and do it now.

The Parable of the Ten Virgins comes readily to mind as does the thought that the righteous and faithful aren’t necessarily spared the calamities of the world. Instead, they are given the opportunity to prepare so that they can handle the calamities. But the choice, as is the consequence, is always their own.

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One Response to Peace in a troubled world

  1. Sarah Bailey says:

    Thanks for this Dave. We’re constantly trying to increase our food storage, without resorting to creating furniture out of it. 🙂

    While the country is experiencing 8% unemployment, my family is experiencing ~40% unemployment. Three of my siblings, in three different states, in three different industries were laid off within 6 days of each other. My siblings have prepared for hard times by heeding the counsel of our church leaders and they will be fine – which is very reassuring to this worrywort.

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